Rarely Aches And Wounds Heal Quickly, Is This Normal?

Illustration of Rarely Aches And Wounds Heal Quickly, Is This Normal?
Illustration: Rarely Aches And Wounds Heal Quickly, Is This Normal? advancedtissue.com

Hello, I want to ask if it rarely hurts and wounds heal very quickly when not using medicine, is that normal or vice versa?

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Hello, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

Healthy and fit body condition would be everyone's dream. However, sometimes when the immune system is down / the body is not fit, viral infections, bacteria, and other causes of disease can strike.

The body itself has a very special defense mechanism, where all humans have an immune system, commonly known as white blood cells, which play a role in fighting various causes of disease. If our body's defense system runs well, infection that can enter the body can easily be overcome (but depends on the virulence / strength of the pathogens that cause the illnesses that come in as well, there are causes of the disease that are strong enough and can survive even though it has been resisted by our immune system ).

The most common infection in humans is a viral infection, and this viral infection is usually self limiting or can heal itself (provided the body's immune system is good). For example, influenza virus infection causes flu. Usually complaints are acute / immediate, and no drugs are needed to kill the virus, it's just that drugs can be given to reduce symptoms if the complaint is felt to be very severe, such as fever for fever, anti-pain when headaches, and so forth.

While related to rapid wound healing, this is also certainly a thing to be thankful for. The process of wound healing is very dependent on various aspects, ranging from the shape, location, and severity of the wound itself, the wound healing factors in the body, and other conditions that affect it, for example additional bacterial infections of the wound and others. If you do not experience difficulties in the process of wound healing, it means that all aspects are going well without any other complications. The following is an article related to the process of wound healing.

Although all this time you rarely get sick and feel in good health, it never hurts to do regular medical check-ups to ensure the health of your body, for example once every year.

Maintain your health condition and continue to increase endurance by:

Consumption of nutritious foods and rich in vitamins (multiply vegetables and fruit). Avoid consumption of food / drinks that are less clean.
Consumption of water at least 2 liters per day / equivalent to 8 glasses
Avoid cigarettes / cigarette smoke and other pollution
Exercise regularly, which is 3-5 times a week, with a minimum duration of 30 minutes each time
Get enough rest, at least 7-9 hours per day
Manage stress well, for example by giving yourself time to relax and just run your hobby

The following is a list of foods and tips for increasing endurance.

So, I hope this answer is useful and hopefully you are always healthy.

Greetings healthy!

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