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I have had a rash for a long time, it’s been over 1 year .. At first I thought this rash would go away by itself .. This rash appears when I sweat, a rash appears on my body, on the breasts and back .. Also on the hands .. But if the body I’m not sweating, the rash is fading in color … but it doesn’t go away nThe rash sometimes itches sometimes doesn’t … I like to scratch it and it looks white in the rash … nIf I wear a garment like velvet or a bit rough the material is my skin also red, like bumps .. nAnd lately it has been almost 3-4 months that my hair has fallen out badly .. even though my hair was not like that before, and my scalp was dandruff but it didn’t go away even though I used anti-dandruff shampoo ,, this is new It’s just happened since the rash appeared on my body .. And I also often feel nauseous, especially at night and during the day .. nPlease explain .. Actually why I am .. Thank you

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What are the characteristics of the rash?

From what you experience, a reddish rash that appears when sweating on the breasts, back, and hands may be due to a miliaria.

Miliaria or so-called prickly heat is a condition that often occurs. Prickly heat is caused by irritated or blocked sweat ducts under the skin. This can cause the appearance of reddish patches, red bumps, which can be accompanied by bouncy or pus-filled spots. Miliaria causes intense itching, and usually appears when the body sweats or is exposed to sunlight. Miliaria also usually occurs in areas exposed to sun exposure, or in folds such as the breasts.

Miliaria can recur over and over again if exposed to sweat or heat. The state of dandruff and nausea that you are currently experiencing is usually not related to miliaria.

But apart from that, of course the condition you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

allergic dermatitis
yeast infection

The nausea you experience may be due to conditions such as:

excessive stress
gastritis / inflammation of the stomach wall
side effects of certain drugs

therefore, to determine the cause of the condition you are experiencing, you should check with a dermatologist directly, so that the doctor can check your condition directly. Thus the doctor can provide the right therapy.

Here's an article that you can read about prickly heat

may be useful. Thank you

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