Rashes On The Skin Occur When The Body Sweats?

Illustration of Rashes On The Skin Occur When The Body Sweats?
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Hello, I want to ask, my hands are cracking for small things, but if it’s not sweaty, it’s easy to sweat, when it’s cold or when it’s cold, why is that ok?

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Rashes on the skin that occur when sweating may be caused by miliaria or prickly heat. Miliaria usually appears in hot air or when sweating, in adults it is usually found in the folded areas. Miliaria can arise due to blockage of the sweat gland outlet that results in the accumulation of glandular secretions in the gland. Another possible cause of skin itching when sweating, hot weather, or cold weather is physical urticaria, namely the appearance of itchy bumps that occur due to direct physical stimulation of the skin (exposure to heat, cold, sun exposure, scratching, pressure, sweating, etc. ).

If indeed you are experiencing miliaria, then generally this condition does not require certain therapy because it will go away after the weather becomes colder and you no longer sweat. Compressing the area with a rash using cold compresses can also help reduce mild itching. If the rash is very itchy, a lotion containing calamine can be given to help reduce itching. If the rash lesion is large enough and the itching is severe enough, you can see yourself to a dermatologist and the doctor can provide therapy in the form of a cream containing steroids to help deal with the rash and itching.

Some other things you can do:

avoid scratching use clothing that is thin from soft material and absorbs sweat entering a refrigerated room when the weather is very hot bathing with cool water use a soft soap and does not make the skin dry (avoid using soap with antiseptic) avoid rubbing the skin harshly when you dry the body

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