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Illustration: Read The Results?

, I want to ask, when I checked the results

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The detection of diplococcal bacteria and PMN (polymorphonuclear) cells most often indicates infection with Neisseria gonorrhoeae, also known as gonorrhea. This infection, in men, generally affects the urinary tract. Symptoms can vary, ranging from urinating more frequently, little by little, and not filling, pain or itching around the genitals, back pain and / or lower abdomen, fever, to abnormal discharge from the penis (vaginal discharge). , yellowish, or greenish) like pus. Not only that, this infection can also occur in other parts of the body, such as the anus, throat, or eyes. Transmission of this infection occurs mainly through risky sexual activities, for example having sex with people with no clear sexual history, changing sexual partners, and also not wearing condoms.

In addition to gonorrhea, the results of your tests also show that you do not have syphilis (caused by the Treponema pallidum bacteria) and HIV (caused by the HIV virus). However, it seems that the results of this examination need to be confirmed directly with a doctor or a specialist in skin and genitalia who examined you directly. Because the laboratory examination is only a support, so it is not meaningful if it is not compared with the results of the history, physical examination, and other supporting examinations performed.

If it is true you have gonorrhea, then treatment can be done by administering antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria that cause gonorrhea. As for how long to take the correct antibiotic, what type of antibiotic to take, and how much dosage, you should consult directly with the examining doctor, because this can be very individual depending on your general health condition and also the availability of the types of treatment available. But usually, to control the healing status of gonorrhea, you will indeed be advised to do a repeat check 1 to 2 weeks after undergoing treatment.

In the meantime, to help optimize the healing of gonorrhea, you should do the following:

Expand to drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day
Stay away from sexual behaviors that have the risk of causing gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted infections
Clean the genitals well after urinating and after sex
Do not take other drugs carelessly, except those prescribed directly by a doctor
Follow a healthy lifestyle

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