Reasons For Blood Transfusion In Diabetics?

Illustration of Reasons For Blood Transfusion In Diabetics?
Illustration: Reasons For Blood Transfusion In Diabetics?

afternoon, I want to ask. my mom has diabetes at 410. and there was a wound on his leg (quite large) by the hospital to do blood transfusion for 3 days.

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Hello Hanna, thanks for the question.

Blood transfusion is done if there is a number of blood cells that are below normal (anemia) or there is a problem of blood clotting. Anemia can be mild, moderate, severe. The degree is determined by hemoglobin levels. Generally, hemoglobin levels below 7 mg / dl are considered severe anemia (this value can differ depending on the normal values ​​used by each lab). Transfusion is generally done in severe anemia. However, in most cases, giving blood transfusions in severe anemia, aims to save someone from fatal danger, not to overcome the cause of anemia. After anemia is resolved by transfusion, a person is already in a stable condition, it must be sought immediately what is the cause of anemia and how to overcome it. The search and treatment of anemia is very important, because if left untreated, the transfusion will only be of temporary help, if the cause of anemia has not been resolved, anemia will definitely recur. Anemia is very diverse in types, so doctors will conduct a series of diagnostic tests before they can determine the cause.

In addition, blood transfusions are given if there is bleeding or blood clotting problems. For example in DHF, bleeding occurs due to disruption of the process of blood clotting (low platelets cause blood can not clot). In severe DHF, the doctor may decide to give a transfusion containing platelets or blood clotting factors.

We do not know what the condition of your mother's blood system is, so of course we do not understand exactly what is the reason your mother received a blood transfusion. It is possible that extensive injuries cause bleeding so the hemoglobin value drops. It is also possible that the number of red blood cells has decreased dramatically due to kidney damage (this is because the kidneys produce a substance that triggers the formation of red blood cells, when the kidneys are damaged by diabetes mellitus, the production of these substances can decrease). Another possibility is, due to extensive injury occurs sepsis (a bacterial infection that is comprehensive in the body and is fatal) so that sepsis triggers blood clotting problems. Consult this with the treating doctor, ask for information you want to know in detail.

Thus the brief information that I can share, I hope you helped. Regards.

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