Recommended Sleeping Position When 5 Months Pregnant?

Illustration of Recommended Sleeping Position When 5 Months Pregnant?
Illustration: Recommended Sleeping Position When 5 Months Pregnant?

I am 5 months pregnant. what I know from google, the best sleeping position for pregnant women is tilted to the left. I started to apply it from the age of 4 months pregnant, but when I entered the 22nd week I felt congested if I slept on my left side. Already added pillow remains tight. So I often tilt right. Is that dangerous for my fetus? please advise thx

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Hello Kiki, thanks for asking.

Sleeping position during pregnancy is sometimes not easy to find what makes a mother comfortable. Indeed, some experts recommend that after entering the second trimester, pregnant women should sleep to sleep, especially the left side. This is so that large blood vessels in the abdominal cavity are not depressed. The aortic veins and vena cava are located more to the right of the spinal region of the abdominal cavity. So that some experts recommend sleeping on your left side to minimize pressure.

But some opinions also do not concern sleeping position, as long as the mother is comfortable. Look for a comfortable position, prop up with a pillow if necessary. Try changing positions every few moments to prevent muscle pain and swelling in the legs and arms.

You can also try the relaxation method before going to sleep. Drink warm drinks, if necessary install a soothing voice recording, adjust the room temperature properly, turn off the room lights to calm down, use comfortable sleepwear, and choose the right mattress and pillow.

The mother does not need to worry too much about the danger to the fetus. As long as the fetus remains active, the mother does not experience dangerous symptoms such as bleeding and hypertension, routine control to the doctor or midwife, so the mother should be able to calm down. Don't stress too much because it's not good for the fetus.

Hopefully this answer is useful. Regards.

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