Recovery From TB Meningitis And Miliary Tuberculosis?

Illustration of Recovery From TB Meningitis And Miliary Tuberculosis?
Illustration: Recovery From TB Meningitis And Miliary Tuberculosis?

Hello .. Good afternoon .. I was diagnosed with TB u0026amp; TB Milier in 2017, until now still outpatient (Poly Nerve) .. Already treated and cured tuberculosis (2018 x-ray results) u0026amp; put a hose on the head .. What I feel now, my eyesight is double, what should I do so that my eyes return to normal, and my legs are also weak (not strong, sometimes unbalanced, unable to run) so that my legs are normal again too .. Thank you..

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Hello Alexardian21, Thank you for the question.

Has this double vision complaint occurred before or has it just happened? Do these double vision complaints occur in one eye or both eyes? Multiple eye complaints can be caused by various health conditions such as corneal disorders, corneal infections, disorders of the muscles that move the eyeball, disorders of the eye nerves, disorders of the brain that regulate vision.

Has your meningitis been declared cured? Did the doctor submit any complications from this meningitis? If meningitis causes an increase in pressure inside the head, this condition can cause disturbances in the brain that regulates visual function and can compress the eye nerves which can cause complaints of double vision. Due to the limited information you have provided, you should consult again with the neurologist who is treating you. The doctor will ask about your complaints and do a nerve examination on you. The doctor will also conduct further tests such as a CT scan or MRI. If the cause has been found, the doctor will provide appropriate treatment. Your doctor may also give a referral to an ophthalmologist if you feel this symptom is not related to the meningitis that you have experienced before.

Impaired brain function regulating body movements can also occur after you have meningitis. Weakness in the leg can be overcome by strengthening leg muscles. You can do simple exercises to strengthen leg muscles first before exercising muscle strength for walking or other activities. Some exercises that you can do to strengthen leg muscles for example:

do thigh muscle contraction, do it 10-20 times then rest and repeat
lie down and lift the foot up to 45 degrees then lower it back, do it 10-20 times then do it on the next leg
do squat movements
do lunges movements

After you do the exercises to strengthen leg muscles, this exercise will slowly be increased until you can return to normal activities. If you are still unsure about what physical exercise you can do, please consult with your medical rehabilitation specialist. Your doctor will examine you first before helping to suggest what physical exercise you can do gradually to restore the strength of your leg muscles.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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