Recovery Of Calf Fractures Until Exercise Returns?

Illustration of Recovery Of Calf Fractures Until Exercise Returns?
Illustration: Recovery Of Calf Fractures Until Exercise Returns?

I want to ask, if the fracture in the calf is healing, how long will it take until I can play soccer again?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at A fracture is a condition in which the continuity between bones is broken, because the force borne by the bone exceeds its ability. This could be because the style is too big, or because the bone ability is reduced, for example in the elderly who have bone loss.

Regarding your question, basically, the bones start to join at 3 months. However, specifically regarding the recovery period after fracture, this figure can change because it is influenced by many factors. Among them are the severity of the fracture, whether it is only slightly broken, shifts but still tends to be neat, the bone is broken into two parts or even breaks so that there are many parts, the fracture remains in or until the bone sticks out. Apart from that, one must also consider the patient's own obedience, whether he really rested, or used his feet before his time, how his body's healing ability was, and so on. So that we cannot clearly answer your question.

Our advice, these are things you should discuss with your orthopedist. During your next follow-up, request an x-ray and ask your doctor to compare your bone condition at that time to your previous bone condition. And ask if the condition of your bones at that time you can use your feet as before. It is only by looking at bone development through periodic X-rays that your bones will really know the readiness of your bones to withstand the weight of playing football.

In the meantime, don't push yourself, don't get pushed, and don't fight the pain. Increase consumption of protein-rich foods and drinks to help repair and develop tissue for your healing, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, tempeh, tofu, beef, chicken breast, eggs, and seafood. So, hopefully it answers your question.

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