Recovery Of Perforated Surgical Scars?

., I want to ask. My foot (middle toe) was discharged from surgery due to infection. Then it left a perforated surgical scar without sewing. So now my leg is still in the process of healing .. now my question is whether the flesh continues to grow normally even though my wound is wrapped in a dense bandage where the wound is perforated? whether the meat will continue to grow as before? Does the dense bandage not interfere with the growth of the flesh? And about how long is the process of growing the meat? thank you

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Hello Kiman'cinsema Thank you for asking

The wound healing process is a natural process that the body will do by itself. There are several phases or processes in wound healing:

Initial phase:

In the initial phase, the injured part will occur a blood clotting process and an inflammatory process. Normally, it will carry out the blood clotting process in the injured area. So that this blood clot will cover the wound. After that there will be an inflammatory process, this process will help the body to kill bacteria that contaminate the wound. After days two to three the body's inflammatory process will also stimulate the growth of new skin cells to close the wound.

Intermediate Phase

In this phase there is a decrease in inflammatory cells in the early stages, the body begins to form new blood vessels for intake for wound healing, new skin cell formation, and wound contractions occur. In addition, collagen will also form which functions to strengthen the new skin tissue that will be formed. The process of wound contraction is a movement from the edge of the wound to the center of the wound with the aim of closing the wound, this process occurs on days 12 to day 15 but can also continue if the wound is still open.

Final Phase

The final phase or called the remodeling phase, this healing phase starts from the 21st day to the year, in this phase the wound may begin to cover with new flesh or skin but it is not yet complete. In this process there will be a drastic increase in the resistance strength of the wound. And significant visible at week 3 to 6 after the wound.

There are several factors that can slow down wound healing, such as:


If the wound is infected, it will hinder the healing process of the wound, so proper care of the wound must be treated and ensure that it is always clean. One of the goals of covering the wound with a bandage is to prevent it from becoming contaminated with germs.


Old age usually takes longer to heal wounds than young people

Certain diseases

People with diabetes will take longer to heal the wound because it is associated with damage to blood vessels and nerves in people who have diabetes.


Smoking can also hinder the wound healing process, because the substances contained in cigarettes can disrupt blood flow so that wounds tend to be difficult to heal.

Therefore, you don't need to worry that the bandages that are wrapped around your wound will not interfere with wound healing, but you also need to pay attention not to bandage the wound too tightly so that the wound still gets a supply of blood as the nutrients needed in wound healing. In addition, you also have to pay attention to factors that can interfere with wound healing. The process of healing the wound for each person is different, generally taking months to a year depending on how the wound is in condition.

If your wound is getting wider, does not improve, the bleeding does not stop, or is draining pus or excessive fluid, you can consult the doctor who treated you before.

I hope this helps,


dr. Fatma

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