Recovery Time After Pen Insertion Surgery?

Illustration of Recovery Time After Pen Insertion Surgery?
Illustration: Recovery Time After Pen Insertion Surgery?

Hello r n r nI am a 19 year old boy. In early April, I had a motorcycle accident which caused the tibia, fibia of my left leg to break quite badly. Then I had pen insertion surgery. It is now 8 weeks post surgery and the leg looks a little bit crooked. The question is, are my legs strong enough to withstand the weight? I accidentally set my foot yesterday because I lost balance and now I’m not sure if there has been a change such as a shift or not. Only until now it is still a thought. thank you

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The healing time after the insertion of the pins and screws in the leg fracture varies from 6 to 12 weeks.

The healing time after fracture surgery varies greatly depending on the degree of lightness / severity of the fracture, the type of fracture experienced, the position of the fracture, the type of surgery performed and whether the fracture is also accompanied by joint / muscle / blood vessel / nerve injury around the muscle .

In addition to the things mentioned above, the patient's medical condition and patient compliance in carrying out advice and controls according to the doctor's schedule also greatly affect the postoperative recovery period.

In general, the Orthopedic Specialist who handles you will provide information on when you can put your foot on the fractured leg. If you accidentally rest on your leg, it should have no significant effect on the position of the bone that is healing.

The position of the bones that are less straight, can indicate a complicating condition, where the process of joining the bone fragments is not good. However, to ensure this condition, of course it must be based on direct consultation and medical analysis of your Orthopedic Specialist.

Usually the doctor will advise you to perform supporting examinations such as X-rays of the fractured leg bones.

While at home, keep consuming a balanced nutritious diet, consuming animal protein and sources of calcium to support the bone healing process. Come according to the doctor's recommended control schedule.

Read here about Leg Fractures.

That's the info we can share, hope it helps you.

Greetings healthy, Dr Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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