Recurrence Of Surgery Scars?

Illustration of Recurrence Of Surgery Scars?
Illustration: Recurrence Of Surgery Scars?

Tonight I want to ask, in 2016 I had an operation on the sole of my foot and now the scar has recurred, what’s the solution? Do I have to go to the doctor again for a check-up or gym, thank you

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Hello Novi,

What operation are you referring to? Is it due to lumps, broken bones, fish eyes, or other conditions? What kind of relapse is intended? Does some kind of flesh appear on the surgery scar or is it the same complaint as before the operation?

If you mean growing flesh on the surgery, it is probably keloids. Keloids occur because the growth of scar tissue exceeds normal so that it appears like a lump or flesh on the scar. Keloids are actually harmless, they just can be aesthetically pleasing. Keloid treatment can be done in several ways, such as corticosteroid injection, silicone pressure dressing, fluorouracil injection, cauter, laser, cryotherapy, and surgery.

However, if the meaning is not keloids but a relapse of an old disease, you should check with your doctor directly so that further tests can be done to confirm it. It is difficult to ascertain the cause of the disease in the soles of your feet without complete information and without checking directly.

If the condition is confirmed, the doctor can provide appropriate treatment. For example, if what is meant is a fish eye, then the doctor can perform another operation to treat the fish eye.

Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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