Recurring Hernias (hernias) Recur?

Illustration of Recurring Hernias (hernias) Recur?
Illustration: Recurring Hernias (hernias) Recur?

.. I want to ask my husband to get sick in one month. Previously I had been treated and given medicine to recover then relapsed again then said the doctor was told to go to a big hospital for further examination … but my husband did not want to finally use alternative sequences .. had recovered then now relapsed again .. why could relapse again yak ? Or da abstinence such as eating or drinking that is not allowed for people who are harsh.

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Hereditary disease, or in medical language referred to as hernias, is a condition where there is an organ that sticks out and presses on the weaker part of the abdominal wall compared to the rest of the abdominal wall. This disease can occur due to a weak abdominal wall and is accompanied by an increase in pressure in the stomach where this increase can be caused by various things such as a long cough, often straining hard, often lifting heavy objects, a history of surgery in the abdomen and others.

This disease will initially appear as disappearing and arising, depending on the activities carried out, which if doing activities that increase pressure in the stomach (coughing, straining, lifting heavy objects) can cause the disease to arise and over time it can persist if it occurs. the organ is pinched. Conditions where the organ has started to be pinched is an unfavorable condition which can result in damage to the pinched organ.

Because this disease is caused by a weak abdominal wall, the best treatment to do is to perform surgery to help strengthen the abdominal wall that is experiencing weakness. If no surgery is performed, the abdominal wall will remain weak, and will cause this disease to appear to recur frequently, as your husband is experiencing at this time. In addition, as stated above, if surgery is not performed, then the risk that may arise in the future is the pinching of the organ that is pushed.

In addition, it is also necessary to know that alternative medicine by sequencing the disease is not recommended and can result in pinched organs or damage to organs that experience the urge. It is highly recommended that you take your husband to the hospital as advised by the doctor to ascertain his illness and also the actions that should be taken.

Regarding food and drink, there is no food or drink that causes this disease, therefore there are no restrictions on this, but it is strongly recommended to increase consumption of fiber (vegetables and fruits) to help smooth the bowel movement. The husband is also advised not to do the activity of lifting heavy objects for a while or straining / coughing too hard.

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