Red And Blistering Rashes When Exposed To Singapore Flu?

Illustration of Red And Blistering Rashes When Exposed To Singapore Flu?
Illustration: Red And Blistering Rashes When Exposed To Singapore Flu?

Good afternoon doctor, I am the mother of two of my first children, who contracted from the second child, Singapore flu, which I asked1. Is Singapore Flu a rash of red and blistered and not just hands and feet, body and folds such as the armpits of the knee, and earlobe, 2. What is the difference between Singapur Flu and Smallpox3. I have been smeared with ART once before the bufacetin chloramphenicol ointment, is there any effect, Thank you for the answer🙏

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Hello Rachmawaty,

Thank you for the question.

Need to be clarified, is it true that your child's condition has been checked by a doctor and diagnosed as Singapore flu?

Red and blister rashes that appear on various parts of the body, including on the hands, feet, torso, and body folds can occur due to Singapore flu, chicken pox, or various other factors, such as atopic dermatitis, herpetiformis dermatitis, scabies, impetigo, fungal infections, drug eruptions, bites or other insects, measles, scarlatina fever, and so on.

Frequently, rashes from Singapore flu are predominantly appearing in the hands, feet, and mouth area (such as canker sores and sores) accompanied by fever, runny eyes, cough, runny nose, dizziness, headache, fussiness, changes in appetite, and many other symptoms . Meanwhile, rashes due to water defects, often itching, spread to almost the entire body, can break and peel themselves to form a scab, and often also makes sufferers experience mild fever, headaches, and changes in sleep patterns and appetite. Both the Singaporean flu and chickenpox are both contagious diseases. For ordinary people, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish these various conditions, but not for doctors.

Our advice, do not just randomly give medicine to your child if the cause has not been ascertained. Better, you first check with your doctor, pediatrician, or dermatologist to be given the right treatment. Giving ointments or other drugs that are not appropriate (including those containing antibiotics like the ART you have done) risks making your child's illness not go away, can even trigger dangerous side effects, such as allergies, skin irritation, bacterial resistance, and so on.

In addition to having your child checked by a doctor, you need to do also:

 Wash your child with clean water and mild soap, but do not rub excessive rashes, then give him loose and soft clothing ingredients Improve the cleanliness of the environment around children Do not mix your child's personal items with each other, also with others in your home Let your child get plenty of rest at home, don't take him out unless urgently --- through this method, the risk of your child contracting COVID-19 can be minimized Ask the child not to touch, let alone squeeze and rub off the rash on his skin Keep the child away from things that make him allergic Give him a lot to drink water and a variety of balanced nutritious foods. Hope it helps.

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