Red And Swollen Rashes Appear After Being Bitten By A Spider?

Illustration of Red And Swollen Rashes Appear After Being Bitten By A Spider?
Illustration: Red And Swollen Rashes Appear After Being Bitten By A Spider?

afternoon, I want to ask about 2 weeks ago I was bitten by a spider on the left leg and until now the pain is still felt and still leaves a reddish and swollen rash and I also feel pain in the back of the neck whether or not it was the effect of the bite of the spider- profit?

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Hello Anggriana,

There are many species of spider, but only a small number of species that bite is dangerous. Small spider bites are generally unable to penetrate deep into the skin, so symptoms that appear are generally localized such as:

Reddish skin
Blisters on the skin
Itching or burning around the bite marks

But if a large spider (fangs is longer and stronger) and has venom that is also strong, bite and expenditure of venom (envenomasi) to the human body in addition to causing symptoms of the locala can also cause systemic symptoms such as:

Muscle and joint pain, muscle cramps
Cold sweat
Trouble breathing
Swollen lymph nodes
Nauseous vomit
Increased heart rate
Increased blood pressure (hypertension)
Trouble breathing

Neck pain that you feel can be related to spider bites (muscle aches) or not. Muscle pain usually occurs on spider bites throughout the body, not specific in one place. Moreover, there are still many other conditions that can also cause symptoms of pain in the neck, for example from muscle spasms due to poor posture or the same position for a long time.

Light spider bites generally do not require antivenom and special treatment. Handling that you can do if you are bitten by a spider is:

Wash the bite wound with soap and water
Cool compresses on the bite area to reduce pain and swelling immediately after the event
Take pain relievers if necessary
Evaluate for the next few days whether there are signs of infection in the bite wound

Some types of dangerous spider bites are tarantula bites, black widows, hobo spiders, Brazillian wandering spiders. Spider venom generally works slower than snake venom, so you have time to reach health facilities that have antivenom (anti can) if a dangerous spider bite occurs. Provision of anti-spider can be adjusted to the type of spider that bites (from the description of the patient) or based on what spider data is most numerous in the area. In severe cases that cause large swelling in the area of ​​the arm or leg so that it can clamp the blood vessels, can be performed surgery to facilitate surgery to temporarily open the fascia part of the muscle until the swelling is reduced.

If you are traveling to an area that is famous for many cases of spider bites, you should be more careful. Wear closed clothes and closed shoes. Keep your clothes hanging before using them. Also study pictures and characteristics of dangerous spiders, so that if you find or are bitten by a spider with a description similar to a dangerous spider, you should immediately seek medical help. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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