Red Birthmarks On The Baby’s Head And Its Dangers?

Illustration of Red Birthmarks On The Baby’s Head And Its Dangers?
Illustration: Red Birthmarks On The Baby’s Head And Its Dangers?

My baby was born with a red birthmark on the back of the head in the middle, and grew thicker and black hair. If you look at the characteristics inet like a salmon patch. And classified as dangerous birthmarks because too many blood vessels. What do you mean? What’s the bad impact? Now it’s 4 months old, dated 15th, Thank you

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Hello Ansukmajaya,

Thank you for the question.

Birthmarks are signs on the skin that appear at birth or at certain times in a person's life. The shape, type, and place where the birthmark appears varies. Basically, there are two types of birthmarks:

 Vascular birthmarks, namely birthmarks that appear due to excessive growth of blood vessels under the skin tissue. Usually the birthmark will become reddish and reddish when the child cries due to dilation of the blood vessels. For example hemangiomas, salmon patches, and wine stains (port-wine stain). Pigment birthmarks, which are birthmarks that appear due to excessive accumulation of pigment cells (cells that color the skin) under the skin tissue. Usually the birthmark will be blackish. Examples are moles, coffee stains, and Mongolian patches (grayish blue in color). Basically, birthmarks are not something that is worrying and dangerous, and birthmarks do not require any medication or care. Most birthmarks will disappear and fade in a matter of years, although some will last into adulthood. However, if you want to remove the birthmark, you can consult a doctor, and can be done such as laser surgery, or taking certain medications.

However, in some cases, birthmarks can be dangerous, such as hemangiomas and grape stains which can cause visual and respiratory disturbances in the eyes, mouth and nose, such as excessive coffee stains can cause neurofibromatosis, and birthmarks in the lower back will potentially affect the spinal nerves. In addition, birthmarks are relatively safe and not dangerous.

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