Red Bump On The Lower Eyelid?

Illustration of Red Bump On The Lower Eyelid?
Illustration: Red Bump On The Lower Eyelid?

In the morning I want to ask that my eyes were exposed to facial fluids and now there are lumps in my eye bags that are red in color but I don’t feel any pain or lumps. Will it heal on its own?

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Need to be explored further about the condition of the lumps in the eye bags (in the lower eyelid). Since when the bump was experienced, what triggered the lump on the eyelid, the location of the bump, the size of the lump, complaints that accompanied the lump (pain, swelling, redness, vision problems, discharge, etc.), history of previous eye disease, history of treatment that has been done to overcome the symptoms.

Lumps in the eye area and eyelids can be caused by a number of possible causes, including the condition of hordeolum (kala), kalazion, inflammation of the eyelids or lumps in the lining of the eyeball, foreign bodies in the lining of the eye / eyelid, accumulation of fat in the eyelid area . To ensure the conditions that cause these symptoms, it is advisable to consult an eye doctor related to further examination and management.

On examination, a more detailed examination can be done by using a lamp lamp to see the condition of the eyelids and the eyeball layer. It is not recommended to use medication or eye drops alone without consulting a doctor, it is not advisable to rub the eyes to prevent further irritation, it is recommended to use eye protection such as glasses when traveling frequently.

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