Red Bumps As Big As Pimples On The Palm And Instep Of The Foot?

Illustration of Red Bumps As Big As Pimples On The Palm And Instep Of The Foot?
Illustration: Red Bumps As Big As Pimples On The Palm And Instep Of The Foot?

Excuse me, I want to ask, right now my palms and instep and my palms (especially between the fingers) grow red lumps that are itchy pimples but when touched they become painful. Originally the bumps were only a little but now more and more. Activities and food that I eat before the symptoms appear is to visit the frozen shrimp processing plant (only in the office, not to the production department) and eat anchovies. Does the lump include an allergy? and what should I do to overcome it? thank you

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Hello. Good evening, Mrs. Irmay. Thank you for asking

Related to complaints of red bumps as big as pimples on the palms and back of the hands and feet, especially between the fingers, it should be equipped with some information related to how many days ago the bumps appeared and how the development of any body shape, whether there was pus or fluid coming out, what is the size of these lumps, whether pain and itching are exacerbated by an exposure, is there a similar history, is there a history of other pain, is the person closest to experience the same thing, is there a history of trauma or injury to the area of ​​the skin. Based on complaints of lumps in the hands and feet there are several diseases that may be the cause, i.e.

- Bacterial-related skin infections (folliculitis / furuncle)
- Mite infections (scabies / scabies)
- Inflammation of the skin due to exposure (dermatitis)

Bacterial-related skin infections (folliculitis / furuncle) usually occur when bacteria enter the open skin and the immune system is weak, the form can be like boils or dry in the form of crust. The appearance of the skin is usually in the form of small spots measuring about 0.5-1 cm, which are reddish in color and sometimes contain pus. Symptoms experienced are sometimes accompanied by itching, pain, and palpable heat on the skin area.

Parasitic or scabies infection or scabies is a disease due to mites that will appear in the form of a red rash of about 0.5 -1 cm in size that looks reddish-shaped like a tunnel accompanied by a dominant itching rather than pain where itching especially at night. The rash spreads quickly with location especially on between fingers, armpits, groin, folds of hands, elbows, palms. Spreading through contact with similar sufferers.

Inflammation of the skin due to exposure to substances is an inflammation of the skin that is most often caused by substances that are irritative in most people (such as detergents, chemicals) or substances that are allergenic to a person (such as rubber, nickel). In this case the form of a red rash that varies in size around 0.5 - 3 cm in reddish color can be accompanied by filled with fluid accompanied by itching and pain, the rash will usually improve if there is no exposure to the following substances.

Things that can be done in is to maintain skin cleanliness by wiping the skin with clean water, changing clothes when it is moist, not using clothes or towels together, or avoiding exposure to substances that are too hard for the skin. Further treatment should be done by first establishing the diagnosis which is done by physical examination by a general practitioner or dermatologist.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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