Red Bumps On Fingers After Washing Clothes?

Illustration of Red Bumps On Fingers After Washing Clothes?
Illustration: Red Bumps On Fingers After Washing Clothes? Bing

good afternoon doctor. I want to ask, recently one of my fingers has a small lump and hurts a little, and is pink but not watery. These lumps appeared after I washed my clothes with my hands and my fingers were rubbed and hurt. can this be cured? Thank you 🙂

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Hello Bunganajwa

Thank you for your question

The bumps on the fingers that you describe are actually quite a lot of causes and it is difficult to determine the cause with certainty by examining directly on your fingers. Possible causes of lumps on fingers are:

Calluses Warts Skin infections due to bacteria or viruses Cysts or the appearance of a sac that is generally filled with fluid. Tumors or abnormal tissue growths on your fingers (Lipoma or fat tissue tumor, Fibroma, Neuroma) Insect bites Skin irritation due to contact with certain chemicals Other causes To determine the condition you are experiencing, then you need to see a doctor for an examination directly. If you feel the lump is quite painful, then you can take pain relievers (mefenamic acid, ibuprofen, paracetamol, or other pain relievers). As much as possible avoid squeezing, stabbing and manipulating the lump on your hand in any way, because there is a risk of causing the lump to become irritated or get bigger. If it is caused by certain benign tumors, then the treatment is usually simple surgery. Generally, lumps on the fingers like the one you are experiencing can usually be resolved with therapy from a doctor, especially if it is not caused by a particular malignancy.

You should immediately consult your nearest doctor.

Hope this answer helps you.

dr. Aldy Valentino

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