Red Eye Due To Exposure To Chemicals?

Illustration of Red Eye Due To Exposure To Chemicals?
Illustration: Red Eye Due To Exposure To Chemicals?

Excuse me doctor, may I know, how to deal with the eyes affected by the soda fire factory ?? Thank you doctor, I hope you will answer

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Related to the eye exposed to caustic soda, caustic soda is included as a chemical. So that it can be called even this condition is an eye injury due to chemicals. Some chemicals that are attached to everyday life are vinegar, batteries, carbolic acid, cement. Where in outline will be classified into chemicals that are acidic and basic. Both can cause damage to eye tissue and in general more severe damage to those exposed to alkaline substances because the ability to penetrate tissue deeper will be stronger.

If there is an eye injury due to chemicals then what must be done immediately is to drain the eye with clean water for at least 15 minutes, preferably a flow of water that flows swiftly in the hope that it will wash away these chemicals and not even chemicals enter the deeper layers. During flushing it should not blink and if the injury is only in one eye then the non-injured eye should be closed. Furthermore, it should be taken to the nearest hospital emergency room especially if there are still symptoms such as severe blurred vision, severe pain, or the eyes still look very red for further eye examination and further treatment.

This chemical eye injury will have different healing progresses depending on the type of chemical, the amount affected, the area affected, the speed of handling and adequate treatment. If the eye layer has turned white in general, visual disturbances will persist and surgery needs to be done to overcome the damage to the eye layers. This can be further discussed with an ophthalmologist.

The most important thing and can be done is prevention, that is by way of

- Be careful when using chemicals and use according to the rules of use
- Use safety equipment such as glasses, face shield, gloves
- Avoid using contact lenses because it will absorb and irritate the eyes.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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