Red Eye In Babies.?

Illustration of Red Eye In Babies.?
Illustration: Red Eye In Babies.?

Tonight I want to ask, my son’s eyes are red, I don’t know the cause of his nails or toys, my eyes look like peeled white ones, now my son’s virtual sex is red, and like slime on the edge of his black eyes her, kmren check with the doctor, the eye drops were given 3 mcm, cendron, floxa, cenfresh, is the drug safe for my baby, my eyes are red now it’s been somewhat reduced, just dirt like mucus is still there, what is the process the medicine, I’m very worried.

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Hello Yenni,

Red eye in the presence of eye discharge can be caused by several of the following conditions:

Conjunctivitis, can be due to viral, bacterial, or allergic infections
Eye irritation
Broken blood vessels of the eye
Dry eyes and tired eyes
Inflammation and injury to the cornea of ​​the eye

Cendron eye drops, are you talking about cendrid? Cendrid contains idoxuridine which functions to treat viral infections in the eye. Floxa contains ofloxacin which is used to treat bacterial infections in the eye. While cenfresh contains carboxymethyl cellulose sodium which is used to reduce mild eye irritation and dry eyes.

You can give eye drops as recommended by the doctor who examined your child. The healing process in each patient can be different. If you have given medicine for 3 days but it has not improved, you should take your child to the doctor who checks it so that you can evaluate the results of treatment so that your child can be given further treatment if needed.

You should also take care that children do not rub their eyes, try to keep the eyes from being exposed to dust and smoke, and clean the dirt / mucus with sterile gauze soaked with boiled water in the same direction and change the gauze every time you clean the eyes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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