Red Eyes Accompanied By Burning And Watering At Night?

Illustration of Red Eyes Accompanied By Burning And Watering At Night?
Illustration: Red Eyes Accompanied By Burning And Watering At Night?

Slmt mlm want to ask why my wife if the afternoon or evening the right eyes are sore and watery while if during the day is fine, please enlighten age 21 thank you

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Eye pain is a symptom or condition that describes discomfort in the eye can be pain, a lump or like a foreign object. Several factors can cause the eyes to feel sore, in addition to eye pain usually also accompanied by symptoms such as:

Red eyes The eyes become more runny or feel dry or like there are grains of certain objects that block vision Blurred and tend to improve after the eye blinks Tend to be frequent blinking or closed eyes The eyelids are sticky when you wake up so it is difficult to open your eyes Here are some factors that can cause sore eyes, namely:

Air humidity factors, the environment can have an impact on eye conditions such as udaea and climate, low humidity can cause eye pain Cooking indoors, pollution can be caused when cooking indoors where this pollution was already done research can cause eyes to become sore and tend to be more watery Irritation of certain irritants, irritation of the eyes can certainly cause irritation to the eyes. For example, some materials that can irritate the eye include cigarette smoke, chlorine content in swimming pools. Inflammatory conjunctivitis in the conjunctiva which can be caused by infection, allergies, and also irritation. Besides stinging, it usually causes red eyes. Eyes are tired, especially if your wife is really staring at the screen of gadgets such as cellphones, commenters and other electronic screens. Although these conditions are mostly helpless, if complaints continue to bother your wife. You can consult further to an ophthalmologist.

For handling it will certainly be based on the cause. If the cause is an external factor, then your wife needs to avoid these irritating substances or triggers. Here are some ways to reduce the symptoms of eye pain such as:

Avoid excessive use of the gadeget screen. If you have to deal with a gadeget screen, rest your eyes for a moment from alyar. Blink more often to trigger tear production so as to prevent eye dryness and prevent irritation. Avoid while using softlense. When using softlense. Avoid cooking in a closed room cooking to avoid irritation that causes irritation in the eyes. Use eye drops artificial tears to prevent irritation to the eyes.

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