Red Eyes And Blurred Vision?

Illustration of Red Eyes And Blurred Vision?
Illustration: Red Eyes And Blurred Vision?

Sorry, I want to ask my eyes to run away frequently playing gadgets, if my eyes glance to the left, my left eye is clearly visible in the red veins, as well as if it glances to the right, the veins are clearly visible, is it dangerous to my eyes now? What is the cure? Can eye drops?

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Hello, thank you for the question to

First let me confirm a few things in advance:

Does your vision problem occur suddenly or slowly but becomes increasingly heavy?
Is there pain in your eyes?
Does the visual impairment persist or only appear when you look at the gadget alone?

Basically, when you do activities that require your vision work, for example, just reading a book, looking at the screen of the gadget (mobile screen, computer or laptop), sewing or embroidering, etc., your eyes can become tired. Tired eyes can also cause vision to blur for a while. Some other possible causes of visual impairment that occur only temporarily include:

TIA (transient ischemic attack or mild stroke)
migraine headaches
dry eyes
certain types of glaucoma
temporary blockage or spasm of the retinal blood vessels
temporal giant arteritis or inflammation of the temporal blood vessels

If the symptoms that you are experiencing persist, then several possible causes include:

refractive disorders (minus, plus or cylinder eyes)
brain tumor
brain infection
retinal detachment

If the visual disturbances do occur only temporarily and occur only after you play the gadget, then chances are you only experience tired eyes. You should reduce the time to play your gadget and also rest your eyes for a moment every 30-60 minutes. Make sure you get enough sleep every day (7-9 hours a day).

If the visual disturbances occur suddenly and persist, immediately go to the hospital because these conditions can be an emergency condition. If the visual disturbances persist but occur slowly, then you can see your eye doctor for further examination.

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