Red Eyes And White Discharge?

Illustration of Red Eyes And White Discharge?
Illustration: Red Eyes And White Discharge?

I want to ask, I have red eyes and white discharge. Then it also feels like there are small stones in it, the eye feels sore and heavy (like it feels swollen). Do not know what cause, suddenly last night. Why does my eye need to be checked directly or can it be treated with eye medication without a doctor’s prescription?

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Hello Apriyan,

The causes of red eye are very diverse, so in order for you to get the right treatment, you should consult your doctor first. Symptoms of red eye can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as watery eyes, eye discharge, eye feeling lumpy, swollen eyes, itchy eyes, stinging, dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches. The following are some examples of causes of red eye:

irritation, for example, because a foreign object enters the eye
allergic reactions

Further examination by a doctor is required to determine the cause of your symptoms. Please consult with an ophthalmologist. The doctor will ask further about your complaint and perform several examinations of your eye to find the cause. The treatment that will be given by the doctor is adjusted to the medical condition you are experiencing because the treatment for each condition is not always the same.

Also do the following suggestions:

avoid rubbing red eyes
wash sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters regularly
keep your bed clean
avoid exposure to dust or other air pollutants
avoid using cosmetics on the eyes and avoid wearing contact lenses (if you wear contact lenses) until your eye has healed

Hope this information helps you.

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