Red Eyes Due To Contact Lenses?

Illustration of Red Eyes Due To Contact Lenses?
Illustration: Red Eyes Due To Contact Lenses?

Assalammuakaikum Wr. Wb nI am Vira from Banyuwangi, I want to ask a question. Initially I bought a soft lens but specifically the minus one because my eye is minus, now when I checked my minus eye, the right eye and the left eye were different, the right eye was minus 4 points while the left eye was 2.75. well, instead of the hassle of buying two softlens with different minuses, finally I decided to buy a minus 2.75 lens like the left eye minus. So, when I started using it, I got 1 month, it was more comfortable, there was no problem, since I was almost approaching the expayed period, I finally bought a new softlen again with minus 2.75 again. nBut in the new contact lens I feel awkward, sometimes I wear it tbtb like I want to drown in my upper eye even though I have used water specifically for softlens, so in a few days there is no problem, but the first week my right eye blushed. Why is that? Please help with answers and information. NThank you sincerely.

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Hi Vhiira,

Thank you for asking

Contact lenses can be used as an alternative to correct eye refractive errors, including in myopia sufferers. Although today many contact lens products are traded freely, you should know that safe use of contact lenses must still be done under the supervision of a doctor or ophthalmologist. This is because the needs and suitability of contact lenses for each person can vary, not only depending on the visus (sharp eyesight) of the eyes, but also on the diameter of the lens, moisture content, thickness, and various other factors. In addition to the risk of making vision problems worse, the use of contact lenses is not appropriate, but also risks causing inflammation of the eye, including one marked with red eyes.

As for redness and discomfort (such as contact lenses that want to drown) as you feel, it may indicate inflammation of the eye, it can be conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva), uveitis (inflammation of the uvea tract), keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), and so on. This condition is prone to occur due to infection (can be due to bacteria, fungi, or viruses), irritation, or other inflammation caused by poorly maintained contact lens hygiene, not washing hands properly before using contact lenses, not keeping contact lenses in place. and the right fluids, using expired contact lenses, and so on. Not only red eyes, you can also feel itchy, sore, watery eyes, which can lead to permanent blindness in more severe cases.

Our advice is that you don't let your complaints drag on. Check with your doctor or ophthalmologist directly so that you can be given the right treatment according to the originator of your complaint. It could be that the doctor will advise you not to use contact lenses yet, while relieving inflammation in your eye by administering the right eye drops or ointment. Some oral medications may also be prescribed by the doctor if necessary.

In the meantime, before seeing a doctor, you can do the following:

Artificial tears in the red eye
Don't rub your eyes too much
Get in the habit of washing your hands before making contact with your eyes
Not wearing too thick cosmetics around the eyes
Do not use contact lenses carelessly without consulting an eye specialist

Take good care of contact lenses according to doctor's instructions

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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