Red Eyes Feel Lumpy And Blurry.?

Illustration of Red Eyes Feel Lumpy And Blurry.?
Illustration: Red Eyes Feel Lumpy And Blurry.?

Hello .. About the end of March my eyes were reddened, the initial symptoms were like a lump, then on March 29, 2019 I went to the puskesmas to give chlorapenicol ointment, but after 3 days there was no change. Then I replaced it with chendoxitrol and there was a change, the red had begun to decrease but until now there was still a lot of mash and blurry scenery. Trs what later can return to normal itself, the swelling is gone and the blurry is disappearing alone ??

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Hello Rizki, thank you for asking.

Based on the description you gave, there might be a process of infection or injury to the eye. Infection can be caused by the entry of microorganisms, wounds, or the presence of foreign bodies in the eye. Infection can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Injury can be caused by temperature exposure, chemical exposure, or trauma (for example accidents).

Generally eye infections by viruses or bacteria, do not last longer than one week. The symptoms that you feel have been going on for about 2 weeks, so you should consult with an eye doctor. There may be causes that are not as simple as viruses or bacteria that are commonly found. Maybe you are infected with a type of drug-resistant virus and bacteria, maybe you are infected with fungi and parasites. Fungal and parasitic infections tend to last longer and have a higher risk of complications. There may also be injuries or foreign objects that must be removed.

Consult an eye doctor. Don't wait too long because it might cause permanent vision problems. Infection can affect the eyelids, conjunctiva, sclera, cornea, or the inside of the eye. The deeper the infection, the greater the tissue damage. Infection can also cause scarring that covers the cornea and create permanent visual impairment. Therefore, immediately visit a doctor. The doctor may need to check with a special instrument such as a slit lamp.

Don't smear anything in the eye. Do not use antibiotic eye drops without doctor's advice. Don't rub your eyes.

Thus information from me, may be useful. Regards.

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