Red Eyes, Swollen After Being Hit?

Illustration of Red Eyes, Swollen After Being Hit?
Illustration: Red Eyes, Swollen After Being Hit?

In the afternoon, I’m sorry I want to ask … My sister’s 19-year-old sister got hit by a nephew, now her eyes are still red, swollen, just to open my eyes hurts … How about that?

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Hello, thank you for the question.

Blows or collisions on certain parts of the body can cause tissue damage. The amount of tissue damage that occurs depends on the severity of the injury. The eyelid is a loose connective tissue so that accumulation of fluid or blood can easily occur that can cause swelling of the eyelid. Injury to the eye can cause the eyelids to become swollen, red eye, pain due to tissue damage that occurs. To reduce this, try to cold compress the area of ​​injury, take a break first, do not rub your eyes, clean your eyes with a clean tissue if there is a scratch, or you can also take pain relievers that are sold freely at the pharmacy if the complaint is felt disturbing. If injury to the eye causes blurred vision or accumulation of blood in the eye should consult an eye doctor. The doctor will conduct a thorough examination on the patient, including a sharp examination of vision, examination with the aid of a magnifying lens, examination with a slit lamp, and so forth as needed.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

Greetings, Dr. Nova.

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