Red Face After Using Lemon And Honey Mask?

Illustration of Red Face After Using Lemon And Honey Mask?
Illustration: Red Face After Using Lemon And Honey Mask? Bing


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Hi Dee,

Lemon used as a mask can brighten the face, but its use must be careful because not everyone is suitable for using lemon on facial skin. Lemon masks can irritate sensitive skin, especially if the skin is frequently exposed to the sun. However, if you are used to using lemon and honey masks without any problems, the possible cause of red skin and pimples is not irritation from lemon and honey.

Your condition could be caused by a number of things, such as:

Your skin is sensitive and irritated to the ingredients in toners and face creams. Toners and face creams may be exfoliants which should not be used in conjunction with a lemon mask because they increase the potential for irritation. You use too much toner and too thick a face cream. Allergic reactions. You can do the following tips:

Stop using the lemon mask until the skin improves. You can still use the honey mask. Use a soothing cream or soothing gel to soothe the skin. Stop using face creams and facial toners. Generally, the skin condition improves within a few days after the irritant is stopped. Furthermore, if the skin has improved, do a patch test on 1 part of the face first and see the reaction. If redness reappears, stop using the cream. But if it's fine, you can try using the cream all over your face. Make sure to use cream and toner as needed, thinly and evenly. Don't rub your face too hard and don't use a facial scrub for a while Protect your face from sun exposure. If within 5 days your complaints don't improve, I suggest that you see a doctor directly so you can an examination of the condition of your skin is carried out so that you can be given more optimal treatment. If there is irritation on the skin that does not improve with a soothing cream / over-the-counter gel, the doctor can prescribe a cream containing corticosteroids to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

Likewise, if you get cream and toner from a dermatologist or beautician, you should return to control the doctor who gave you the cream so that you can evaluate your skin condition and be given further treatment that is more appropriate.

Here is an article that relates to the topic of your question:

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Thanks and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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