Red Hands, Itching And Swelling When Holding Ice For Too Long?

Illustration of Red Hands, Itching And Swelling When Holding Ice For Too Long?
Illustration: Red Hands, Itching And Swelling When Holding Ice For Too Long?

Night, I am 31 years old, want to ask if I have gout or cold allergy huh? because each of my hands held the ice for too long not long after my hands were red and itchy and swollen after a long time, but after some time it disappeared. then in the joints my leg was hurting to the point of sitting down, the position of the legs bent was both very painful, and the toes were also very stiff when I stepped on the road. have been checked by a doctor and given the medicine for Flasicox 15mg for joint pain but only relieve the pain for one or two days, so the drug must be used to relieve pain. but then I cb mnm the same drug but different brands namely movix because the medicine for Flasicox is empty, and it’s been quite a long time until now I still feel no pain, just a little stiff in my toes. I last mnm on June 5th. please clarify whether it is related to each other for swollen hands due to ice, with pain in the joints of the legs, thank you.

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for complaints of red and itchy hands, then swelling after holding an ice cube whether there is a relationship with the joints of the feet, actually both of these are something that complains differently, so it may come from different causes of the disease as well, next I will try to explain one by one. However, it can also originate from the same cause if indeed the same complaint is felt in the hands and feet.

for complaints in the hands are swollen, itchy and red after handling ice cubes, there are several possible causes of the disease, such as a good allergy to cold, dust that may stick to the ice cubes, or dust from the surrounding environment. other than possible allergies, can be caused by skin irritation due to exposure to very cold objects such as ice cubes. In addition, it can be caused by responding to exposure to temperatures that are too cold, usually the skin will respond by turning red and swollen.

for complaints in the joints and toes that are also stiff, there are probably a number of causes, including:

-osteoarthritis (OA): arthritis caused by a decrease in joint protective fluid, usually occurs in the age of 40 or over, with conditions of excess weight, a history of heavy lifting activities, etc.

rheumatoid arthritis (RA): autoimmune disease (the immune system attacks the joints, usually in the fingers, toes and other joints), usually affects women, the age is easier than 40 years.

-myalgia: muscle pain in the area around the joints and toes, usually due to too much strenuous activity.

to distinguish various types of diseases, knowing the relationship of complaints in the hands and feet whether interconnected or not, you should consult a specialist in internal medicine for further examination and more complete.

for actions that can be taken at home to prevent or reduce symptoms:

- avoid holding ice cubes

- Avoid cold temperatures for a while

-Reduce activity and lift heavy weights

- reduce weight if overweight

- lots of sports like swimming and static bicycles

for pain medication, you should not buy yourself outside, must be prescribed by a doctor.

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