Red Itchy Skin

Illustration of Red Itchy Skin
Illustration: Red Itchy Skin

Sorry doc permission to ask. I feel my skin is like a biduran, but it’s already entered day 5, it doesn’t heal, it keeps on increasing. yes the skin ?, Exposed to the hands, neck and a few in the body, if once the biduran had been healed for 1 day, this includes allergies or infection of a balteri or virus? thank you

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Hello Vishnu,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of red itchy rashes on the skin of the hands, neck, and several other body parts can indeed indicate that you are allergic to certain substances, such as dust mites, cold, food, medicine, and so on. In addition to allergies, skin rashes can also occur as a result of skin infections or other organ systems, insect bites, side effects of drugs, stress, hormonal fluctuations (often occur in women), liver disorders, use of tight clothing or heat, liver disorders inflammation disorders and so on.

Need to be clarified, besides skin rashes, do you also feel tightness, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, body swelling, fever, and other complaints?

If the rash feels increasingly spread, has appeared more than 3 days, or accompanied by other danger signs as we have mentioned above, you should check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist. Usually, in addition to giving you medicine, your doctor can also direct you to undergo an allergy test, blood test, or other supporting tests. Meanwhile, at home, you can do first:

Stop taking drugs carelessly, without first seeing a doctor
On your itchy skin, apply calamine lotion, don't scratch or rub excessively
Take a shower with good quality water, room temperature, not too hot, not too cold
Dry your body well after bathing, then wear loose, clean, and soft clothing
Use a moisturizer before activating
Stay away from things that make you allergic
Drink a lot of water
Avoid eating itching triggers first, for example seafood, eggs, nuts, milk, chocolate

Hope this helps ...

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