Red Patches On The Face?

Illustration of Red Patches On The Face?
Illustration: Red Patches On The Face?

Hello, nSo today, I was in camp, then I vomited until I vomited blood, vomited 3 times and all of them bled, then finally I came home, when I came home my mother asked, “That’s on your face, why are there spots? – Red stain ?” Finally, I said I didn’t know because I really didn’t know about it, what do you think the red spot is? And why why?

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Hello Angelica

The complaints of vomiting blood should not be underestimated, in general vomiting of blood can occur due to injury to the digestive tract, injuries to the respiratory tract, infections such as dengue fever, food poisoning, and blood disorders. The risk of vomiting blood is the loss of a lot of blood that has the potential to lead to shock, and also the risk of causing vomiting of the blood itself, such as injury to the digestive tract or respiratory, which has the potential for infection.

The existence of additional complaints in the form of red spots itself cannot lead to a certain disease condition, as for several things that can be considered

Allergy and / or irritation of hives. Dengue fever. Measles. Scarlet fever. Chikungunya fever
Angelica is expected to see a doctor so that a medical examination can be done so that the doctor can get enough information to determine what is the cause of vomiting blood and red spots. Even supporting examinations such as routine blood tests, for example, may be needed to provide a clearer picture of your health condition.

Some suggestions for Angelica are

Make sure to eat regularly 3 times a day, so that the body's resistance is maintained to fight the disease conditions that are being experienced. Avoid spicy and acidic foods, but also avoid instant food products. Avoid strenuous physical activity, get plenty of rest if possible. Avoid using drugs without clinical judgment from the doctor first, inappropriate use of drugs has a risk of worsening existing conditions.
May be useful

dr. Arnold

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