Red Rash Accompanied By Bumps That Increasingly Spread To The Penis?

Illustration of Red Rash Accompanied By Bumps That Increasingly Spread To The Penis?
Illustration: Red Rash Accompanied By Bumps That Increasingly Spread To The Penis?

, I have a rash, and a small but runny bump, interrupted between fingers, groin, me, and my body feels like tingling, and itching when scratched will appear red, and if the bump breaks it will turn reddish black in the middle, and I have difficulty defecating. big, when making water it is often like water, and dark in color, and my body also sometimes “fever, then normal, like that continues, and my neck feels achy, and the body feels like fatigue, and dibagain my penis there is a red bump, there are 4 bumps and in the scortum there is also one, and on the penis there is a small bump “white, and the feeling of itching bumps, and when an erection and make the water a bit painful, I want to ask what disease I experienced, and how to handle it, and how what should I do, I want to see a hospital doctor, shame, please help, how to cure ny, Thank you

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Hi Niki,

Thank you for the question.

It should be understood, that your complaints are very diverse, and there can be many possible triggers. Only with online consultations like this, it is difficult to be able to ascertain exactly what conditions trigger your complaints.

Here we try to describe some of the most common complaints you experience:

 Causes of redness of the skin rashes and itchy, bumps that can break, and then turn black with reddish middle between fingers and groin: scabies, atopic dermatitis with secondary infections, folliculitis, prickly heat, allergic or irritant contact dermatitis, insect bites, smallpox water, leprosy, impetigo Causes frequent body tingling, difficulty defecating, dark watery stools, fever up and down, sore neck, fatigue: gastrointestinal bleeding or other digestive disorders, metabolic disorders, viral or bacterial infections, nerve disorders, disorders liver or bile ducts, immune disorders, psychological disorders Causes of penises and red and white bumpy scrotum, which feels itchy, accompanied by pain during erection and urination: folliculitis, pearly penile papule, genital warts, syphilis, molluscum contagiosum, HIV, contact dermatitis, insect bites, urinary tract infections, Peyronie's disease, etc. To be clear about the cause of your complaint, you you need to see yourself directly to the doctor. No need to be ashamed, with competence and professionalism, of course a good doctor will also serve you well while keeping information related to your complaints not spread to others. If necessary, your doctor may also recommend that you undergo further tests (such as allergy tests, blood tests, biopsies, urine tests, stool tests), or refer you to the appropriate specialist doctor (such as genital skin, internal medicine).

In the meantime, our advice for you:

 Make sure your body is always clean and not in contact with allergies If a rash appears on the skin, don't overdo it, let alone scratch it, rub it, and exfoliate carelessly. Don't carelessly exchange personal items with others. Drink more water, eat also a variety of foods that are worth balanced nutrition. Only do safe and responsible sexual activities Discipline to live a healthy lifestyle, including with adequate rest, exercise every day, not smoking, stay away from free sex, do not take any drugs, manage emotions properly, stay away from drugs.

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