Red Rash In Babies?

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, I want to ask my baby was born on 21/12/17. Two weeks after birth, many red spots appear on the face, body, and head. Had to go to the hospital and was given Elox mometasone ointment and it could only be used for 3 days and the red spots were gone. And after stopping using the red spots reappear and spread to the hands and feet, but the ones on the hands and feet are not as bad as on the face, just small spots if the ones on the face look more like acne, I’ve used lactacyd baby, changed bath soap, and now using Sebamed bar soap and coconut oil, do you think it’s an allergy or indeed every newborn will always experience something like that? Please explain, thanks…

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Hello Desi Putri Liani,

Baby skin is different from adult skin. The baby's skin is not yet fully developed so it is thinner and more susceptible to exposure to irritating substances so that it is natural for the baby's skin to appear red on the little one's skin. Red spots in babies appear in several conditions including:

Temperatures that are too hot Prickly heat (miliaria) Impetigo Allergic reactions

In conditions where your little one becomes fussy, red spots are getting wider, or is accompanied by a fever, you should consult a doctor to examine the condition of your child's skin through a physical examination of the skin so that appropriate treatment can be given.

In addition, use a special soft soap for baby's skin to keep your little one's skin healthy, also use a special baby skin moisturizer after every bath. Wash your little one's body using clean water and avoid using antiseptic soap and oil as you would on your little one's skin to prevent irritation.

I hope this information is helpful.


dr. Irvandi

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