Red Rash Is Like Bruising In A 4 Month Old Baby

Hello. My child is now 4 months old but since the age of 1 month my child has often appeared reddish red in a large size such as bruises but the red is not due to collisions. But within 1 or 2 days later another hip but appeared lafi in other places such as being able to move their feet anywhere. Right now. That’s a symptom. Please respond. Thank you in advance.

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Hello Bastian, thank you for asking.

Actually, to assess the condition of abnormalities in the skin, requires direct physical examination. That's because the picture of each other's disorders can be similar and difficult to distinguish. Reddish rashes such as bruises are generally caused by a collision. Small blood vessels under the skin experience tears due to collisions, so the blood seeps and causes a distinctive color bruises.

Rashes such as bruises may also be caused by insect bites, skin infections, or possibly dermatitis. However, if there is no obvious cause of the rash, there may be bleeding disorders due to problems with blood clotting factors. This can only be ascertained by laboratory examination.

Given the current pandemic, it's best to avoid taking your baby to the hospital, except for emergency conditions. Gadar conditions related to the possibility of bleeding disorders can be:

Extensive bruises or rashes appear on the body and get worse quickly.
Babies look fussy, painful, pale or yellow, and weak.
There is bleeding in the nose or mouth.
Vomiting and bloody bowel movements.

If there are no symptoms above, you should postpone seeing a pediatrician until the pandemic ends.

Thus a brief explanation that I can give. May be useful. Regards.

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