Red Rash On The Skin Without Itching

At night, why was my calf initially red but it didn’t itch the next day it turned dry and cracked as well as it was followed on the second part of the upper thigh, under the ankle and finally the second bok ** g According to the doctor why yes and what is the solution / medicine that can cure it .Thank you

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The presence of reddish calf skin complaints, but a day later followed by complaints of dry skin and rupture may be triggered by inflammation of the skin. Redness of the skin is a sign of an inflammatory process on your skin, either due to skin irritation, contact with certain substances that are incompatible with your skin or because of the response to skin infections.

On the reddish skin, it can usually be accompanied by complaints of itching, but complaints of itching are usually not dominant, only mild or only dripping on the reddish skin area. So that sometimes it doesn't bother you. Reddish complaints on the skin that often interfere and make you uncomfortable. If the following day the redness complaint disappears and changes with dry or broken skin, this is likely caused by an infection in your skin.

Skin infections that occur in areas around the calves, thighs and buttocks are often caused by fungal infections or also called tinea cruris. Patients with fungal infections can occur due to high skin moisture or repeated contact with patients with fungal infections. Signs and symptoms of skin with fungal infections can be:

 The skin looks dry, scaly skin The redness of normal skin is still visible Itching complaints can increase especially when sweating or hot environmental temperatures Clear lines appear between healthy and sick skin. , skin discoloration and dry skin are also a particular concern related to appearance or confidence. So often patients come to the doctor with a sense of worry or anxiety.

Apart from fungal infections, several other medical conditions can also provide a similar picture of complaints, such as:

 Skin irritation due to friction or certain pressure, or due to certain chemicals Contact dermatitis, such as contact with fabric that makes your skin inflammation Psoriasis, autoimmune disease with a picture of dry and broken skin or side with static dermatitis, inflammation of the skin due to poor blood flow Cellulitis or infection of the skin layer Because the complaint that you feel is not specific to a particular disease, it is necessary to check directly with a dermatologist to ascertain the main cause of the complaint you are feeling. Without a direct examination by looking at complaints on your skin, it is difficult to ascertain the cause.

However, because the condition is currently still on the alert for Covid-19 infection, you should consult online or by telephone, unless your doctor recommends seeing you in person. Thus, the doctor can provide the right care and treatment for you.

For now, for treatment at home to seeing a doctor, you can do a number of things, such as:

 Use skin care or skin moisturizers that you normally use to reduce dry skin Avoid scratching the neck when complaints of itching appear Avoid the use of drugs independently without a doctor's examination Thus the info we can convey.

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