Red Spots All Over The Body That Feel Itchy?

Illustration of Red Spots All Over The Body That Feel Itchy?
Illustration: Red Spots All Over The Body That Feel Itchy?

Good night, my doctor, I want to ask my child, 7 years old, almost 1 month old, his body is on the rash and appears when touched, the longer the red spots all over the body except the face, my child always complains to the sore, I told the doctor but he said allergies to hbis the medicine remains I don’t get rid of freckles like a prickly heat, what should I do and what medications can quickly heal the pain. Thank you doctor for the answer.

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Hello good morning Mrs. Ivana.

Red spots all over the body that feel itchy can be caused by several possible diseases, including:

scabies (scabies), this disease is caused by a parasite called Sarcoptes scabiei. The typical symptom of this disease is the presence of spots that arise from the surface of the skin, which feels very itchy, especially at night, and affects a group of people who live / sleep together. prickly heat (miliaria), is a condition of blockage of the sweat glands that are behind the strong, so that the skin becomes inflamed and rashes develop. Usually this disease is experienced by babies, whose sweat glands have not yet fully developed, but the condition can also be experienced by older children or adults, especially those who often exercise or do physical activity and sweat a lot, often wear clothes that are too thick, etc. The symptom of this disease is the appearance of a rash that feels itchy which can occur on the neck, back, chest, skin folds, etc. chicken pox, characterized by small water-filled spots accompanied by fever. Generally this disease lasts for 2 weeks. etc

Diagnosing a skin disease without seeing and examining the skin abnormalities directly is a difficult thing to do, because each skin disease has a unique and different picture. Therefore, we highly recommend that you have your child checked by a doctor (more specifically a dermatologist) so that your child's skin condition is checked directly. In general, doctors do not need any additional examinations (only from questions and answers regarding complaints and physical examinations), but if deemed necessary the doctor may recommend additional examinations in the form of skin lab examinations or blood lab examinations.

While waiting for the doctor's appointment, you can do the following things to relieve your child's complaints:

Your child's clothes are clothes that are loose and absorb sweat, change your child's clothes every time the child starts to sweat a lot try to keep the child showering as usual at least 2 times a day, and dry the child's body with a clean and dry towel until the body is dry, prohibit the child from scratching the cut skin Your child's nails to prevent skin injury when the child scratches the skin without realizing it, give a powder containing salycil or calamine lotion (whipped powder) for a while, to help relieve itching complaints that the child feels alert for signs of skin disorders that have developed into a wider infection , namely the presence of high fever and festering sores

That's all, hope it helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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