Red Spots And Itching Appear In Infants After Consumption Of Formula Milk

Illustration of Red Spots And Itching Appear In Infants After Consumption Of Formula Milk
Illustration: Red Spots And Itching Appear In Infants After Consumption Of Formula Milk

Hi Doc, I am asking about my child’s milk which is still more than 6 months … Initially drinking Nut Milk 1 baby is safe … after 6 months changing to the second stage apparently keeps diarrhea and the doctor recommends using nutriy baby which is prosyneo because my child is plenty phlegm … now instead it appears red2 it seems itchy … does it really not match the milk? Thanks

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There is a history of diarrhea in your baby who is 6 months old after changing the milk to the next stage, it might be caused by milk allergy. Milk allergy or cow milk allergy in the packaging of formula milk products is one type of food allergy that occurs in infants or individuals, where the cow's milk protein in formula milk products is over-responded by the baby's immune system, this causes excessive response to the baby's body one of them is diarrhea. In general, milk allergic reactions in babies can cause babies to look fussy, this can be caused by the baby feeling uncomfortable when drinking milk, so babies sometimes do not want to drink milk given. The implication is that the baby's weight is difficult to ride.

If your child is allergic to cow's milk or milk, the best step is to give milk to your baby. Even if your baby has not been breastfeeding for a long time or has only been drinking milk powder, then in general there are no problems in trying to breastfeed again. Stimulation of milk production can begin as soon as possible by bringing white to the baby's mouth and training your baby to drink milk. In addition, train with breast milk pumps and vitamins to increase your milk production. And you can also consult at poly lactation or consult your pediatrician. All of this is because breast milk is the best choice for your baby, especially if your baby has a milk allergy.

Regarding the signs and symptoms of milk allergy, some of the signs and symptoms below can be experienced by your baby if you have a milk allergy, such as:

Fussy baby
Reduced appetite
Difficult weight gain
Red rash on the skin
Red rash on the rectum
Swelling on the lips or other body parts

One or more symptoms can be found after your baby drinks milk or cow's milk. In general, complaints of diarrhea are often complaints that are found in addition to red rashes or coughing and tightness in infants or patients with milk allergies. So, if these symptoms appear after your baby drinks milk, then the choice of breastfeeding, soy milk, milk partially or extensively hydrolyzed is an option.

However, sometimes in some patients or babies with milk allergies, giving partially hydrolyzed milk like prosyneo can still provide a milk allergy response, this is because your baby's body still recognizes milk proteins that trigger allergies. So, if the milk you give is still giving an allergic response to milk for your baby, then you can stop it and replace it with breast milk, or hypoallergenic milk (hydrolyzed extensively). Regarding hypoallergent milk brands, you can choose them at pharmacies, supermarkets or milk shops in your city. However, the choice of breastfeeding is the best recommendation for your baby.

However, all this you still need to consult with your doctor again, so that you get the best directions and recommendations for your baby.

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