Red Spots Appear On The Feet Suddenly?

Illustration of Red Spots Appear On The Feet Suddenly?
Illustration: Red Spots Appear On The Feet Suddenly?

Ass … r nGood night r n r nI want to ask … how come my feet are red, yes … but not diabetes … I haven’t found it on Google, I can’t find it … if I could send a picture, I’ll send it my foot example … that’s why … r n. thanks please

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Hi Nengk,

Thank you for asking

The appearance of red spots on the body, including on the feet there may be many causes, ranging from interference with the skin, blood vessels, or also other structures in it. Determining the diagnosis of red spots needs to be done by a doctor's examination directly, so it is not enough just to capitalize internet surfing, ok?

Identifying the cause of red spots on the feet needs to be done first by identifying the characteristics of the spots, such as size, shape, flat or protruding from the surface of the skin, time of appearance, whether itchy, painful, runny, festering, and various other complaints that may accompany it. In general, here are some conditions that often cause red spots on the feet:

Excessive emphasis on the feet Insect or other animal bites Foot skin infections, for example due to impetigo, scabies, erysipelas, cellulitis --- more susceptible to diabetes, but does not necessarily indicate that you have diabetes. Viral or other bacterial infections, for example due to dengue fever Inflammation of the skin of the feet, for example due to contact dermatitis, psoriasis Vascular disorders and / or blood clotting factors, for example due to vasculitis, hemophilia, vitamin K deficiency Normal foot color variations, etc. Unfortunately, very limited information you provide is related to your complaint. Therefore, it is difficult for us to identify which conditions are most likely to cause complaints in your feet. Therefore, in order to get the right treatment, we recommend that you consult your complaint directly to the doctor or the nearest dermatologist. Mild conditions will usually improve enough with topical medication. However, if you feel that your condition is more serious, your doctor may also recommend further tests, such as allergy tests, blood tests, skin biopsies, and so on.

At this time, try applying the following steps first:

Use loose and clean pants. Also wear comfortable, clean footwear. Don't press, squeeze, squeeze, or give any treatment to the spots that appear on the feet. Avoid contact between the feet with substances that might trigger inflammation in the skin. Maintain personal hygiene, including bathing. regularly and diligently washing feet Live a healthy lifestyle Hopefully it helps yes ..

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