Red Spots Itch All Over The Body After The Fever Goes Down?

Illustration of Red Spots Itch All Over The Body After The Fever Goes Down?
Illustration: Red Spots Itch All Over The Body After The Fever Goes Down?

Hello, I am Ani 22 years, I want to ask, I had a fever yesterday for 2 days, and during a cold usually my cold allergy relapsed which could make my face so bada itchy, well on the third day itched on my feet and face increased, until my face was red, I scratching at the legs and tomorrow I see itchy red scars and large like islands, well tomorrow, it is today that the itchy scars and red spots add up, the itching is also accompanied by itching hot and sore, some say I have been exposed measles or smallpox but not chickenpox is it true that measles huh? The day before the fever I also had chest pain on the right side, please explain me … Thank you.

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Hello Ani,

Thank you for your question

Before I answer your question, I will try to explain in advance whether it is measles and chicken pox.

Measles is a viral infection that is characterized by high fever, cough, runny nose, and a red rash without bumps that appear on the body. The causes of measles include: occur in children, do not immunize against measles, travel abroad in an endemic country, lack of vitamin A. treatment of measles is only given treatment in symptoms, because in general he will heal by itself.

Chickenpox or often called vari cella is an infectious disease caused by the varicella zoaster virus. People infected with this virus are characterized by plenting / bumps containing very itchy water. Chickenpox treatment is the same as measles, given symptomatic treatment and given antiviral medication. This disease is often experienced at the age of under 12 years, and in adulthood this disease will appear again with other types of diseases, namely herpes zoaster.

It says that you suffer from allergies, which is an allergy that is related to the body's immune response. Allergy itself basically can not be cured, it can only be prevented and reduced symptoms. Allergies themselves arise when the body's condition is not fit or immunity drops, therefore allergic sufferers are advised to consume multivitamins, eat nutritious foods and exercise. So that the immune system is always good.

The type of allergy that you experience on the skin leads to symptoms of urticaria, where the bumps that appear on the skin are shaped like a large island, which will itch more when scratched and will disappear by itself and then someday it can reappear. Small bumps that appear after a bump like an island are inflammatory reactions from scratching that you did before. And for patients with urticaria it's very reasonable.

But if the complaint is increasingly disrupting the activity, and causes tightness, immediately in the eyes, in the aunt and the oral cavity then immediately check with your nearest doctor to avoid complications.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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