Red Spots Like Pimples On The Forehead?

Illustration of Red Spots Like Pimples On The Forehead?
Illustration: Red Spots Like Pimples On The Forehead?

, I want brtanya, on my forehead appeared 1 round red spots such as jrawat, after I tried to solve, the blood did not stop, then later it could disappear and some weeks appeared again, what was the solution to eliminate it?

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Hello Alexandro, thank you for asking at

Reading the complaint that you experience, the complaint could indeed be a pimple or it could be another condition such as a dermoid cyst, an epidermoid cyst, or a blood vessel tumor (hemangioma).

Because the bleeding has stopped at this time and then has repeated, it is highly recommended that you do further tests to the doctor. The doctor will evaluate the lump and other complaints that may accompany it. If needed, your doctor may suggest you to do additional tests such as blood tests, bleeding function checks or other examinations in accordance with your doctor's consideration. After that, then the doctor will determine what causes your complaints and also what therapy should be given to you. If necessary, it is possible that your doctor will encourage you to consult your condition further with certain specialist doctors to ensure you get optimal therapy.

Henceforth, it is strongly not recommended to break or press the lump again, because it can just cause repeated trade which may be more severe than before. It is also advisable not to use drugs other than those recommended by your doctor because they can make things worse. Always keep your face clean by washing your face with special facial cleansers every day at least 2x per day.

I hope this helps.

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