Red Spots On The Body And Face Accompanied By Fever.?

Illustration of Red Spots On The Body And Face Accompanied By Fever.?
Illustration: Red Spots On The Body And Face Accompanied By Fever.?

Hello, I want to consult. Starting Wednesday evening I have a high fever, then at 23.30 I wake up apparently from the shoulder to the buttocks biduran.Tok morning still fever biduran disappeared, the night biduran again. blushed. The fifth day during the day appeared red spots on some parts of the body + blushed. I guess I have dengue fever or not? Thank you

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Hello Vivin Thank you for the question.

Have you seen a doctor to determine the cause? Further examination by a doctor is needed to find out the medical condition that underlies your complaint.

Hives are skin rashes of various sizes that feel itchy which generally appear as an allergic reaction. If the skin rash is caused by an allergic reaction, you will not experience complaints of fever. Fever is one of the body's responses in fighting infections that enter the body. Fever accompanied by the appearance of a red rash can be caused by:

dengue fever
Singapore flu

Dengue fever is a dengue virus infection that enters the body through mosquito bites. This infection causes a decrease in platelet cells and leakage of blood vessels. This condition must be treated immediately because it can potentially be life threatening. Sufferers will experience symptoms of fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, pain behind the eyeball, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, red rash, bleeding from the nose, gums, urine, stool. Further examination is needed by a doctor to ensure the cause of the symptoms that you are experiencing. Please consult with your doctor directly, especially because complaints of fever has been going on for several days. In addition to asking about these symptoms, your doctor needs to check your condition and perform other tests such as blood testing to confirm it. Without a doctor's examination, it is not certain your health condition.

It is also recommended that you do the following suggestions:

multiply breaks, avoid excessive physical activity
while maintaining a nutritious food intake
multiply water consumption
consumption of paracetamol to treat fever
Hopefully this information is useful.

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