Red Spots On The Face After Using Face Wash?

Illustration of Red Spots On The Face After Using Face Wash?
Illustration: Red Spots On The Face After Using Face Wash? Bing

, I want to askrnJust yesterday I changed my face wash, after using it for one day my face immediately had red spots, should I stop using it or is it just the beginning of skin adaptation?rnContinue to get rid of acne on my back what do you use, thanks.

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Hi Rifa,

Thanks for asking

Today, there are a lot of facial and cosmetic products on the market. The types of products in circulation range from acne removal, whitening, anti-aging, and other skin products. Whether there is a positive effect or not, it depends on the results felt by each user or in other words, it is very individual. However, what is no less important is not the instant gratification caused, but the side effects that can appear after long-term use. The product you are using where a breakout occurs, you can think of irritation from one of the ingredients contained in the cleaning product.

Not all skin is suitable for one facial cleanser or care product. So usually an allergy test is done first, where the product is placed on the skin under the arm and left for 24 hours. The presence or absence of allergies will cause redness or itching in the area.

The use of any cleansing or facial care products sold in the market is necessary to observe the following points:

Ensure the content in the product is accredited or registered by BPOM. Because some products for the face on the free market have not been registered with BPOM where the content can be in the form of chemicals that can have a negative effect on the skin and even your health.

Make sure and pay attention to the type of facial cleanser you have according to your skin condition or type.

Make sure you understand the content of the facial cleansing product regarding its uses and the possible side effects. Whatever the type, the most common is an allergic reaction that can cause itching, redness, spots even if acne can cause acne conditions to worsen.

It is highly recommended to be careful in choosing facial care products. If it is necessary because there are quite a lot of pimples, it is necessary to consult a doctor because the irritation that occurs can be in the form of a severe condition and treatment requires medical treatment. To get healthy skin is not only limited to the selection of cosmetic products or existing treatments. However, what is more important is how to take care of a healthy body, a healthy body will radiate through healthy skin. Here are some tips to get a healthy and fit dawn as follows:

Consuming adequate and balanced nutrition with more servings of fruits and vegetables.

Consume enough water at least 2-2.5 liters a day.

Wash your face at least 2 times a day with a soap that suits your skin. Avoid using facial soaps with strong antiseptics because they can cause dryness of the facial skin and further trigger irritation and dullness on the face.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. You can consider using anti-UV or sunblock according to your outdoor activities.

Avoid smoking either actively or passively.

Do not pop blackheads or pimples as this can lead to secondary infection which can lead to permanent acne scars.

Do some treatment by a doctor with certain ingredients.

That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

Regards, dr. Tiwi

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