Red Spots On The Scrotal Skin But Not Itchy?

Illustration of Red Spots On The Scrotal Skin But Not Itchy?
Illustration: Red Spots On The Scrotal Skin But Not Itchy?

Excuse me, I want to ask for 2 days my scrotum skin appears red spots such as wounds but not bleeding, does not feel itchy, but sore when touched or exposed to water, they also produce a kind of mucus, what kind of illness do I experience? That is all and thank you

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Spots on the testicles can be caused by various causes. Have you ever had free sex?

from the situation that you experience, patches on the testicles that feel sore and mucus may be caused by irritation in the testicular area. Irritation of the testicles is quite common, especially in people who often use tight pants or poor hygiene of the genital area. Irritation of the testicles can cause red spots to appear, feel sore when touching / rubbing, itching and can also be issued like mucus. Testicular irritation is not a dangerous thing.

But other than that the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

Sexually transmitted infections such as herpes simplex
Bacterial infection
Fungal infections
Side effects of certain drugs / soaps

Therefore, to ascertain the cause of the situation that you are experiencing, you should check yourself directly to the doctor, so that the doctor can provide the right therapy for you.

It is important not to use pants that are too tight, use underwear with fabric. change underpants if you sweat. important not to smoke. avoid having free sex

The following article you can read about genitalpes

may be useful. thank you

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