Red Spots On The Tongue And Feel Painful?

Illustration of Red Spots On The Tongue And Feel Painful?
Illustration: Red Spots On The Tongue And Feel Painful? Bing

I want to ask, for 2 days my tongue has red spots clustered on the tip of the tongue, sometimes it bleeds, hurts, and feels solid when I bite it, and when I eat it tastes salty and sweet and doesn’t taste, and yesterday my throat hurt when I swallowed. but today it doesn’t hurt anymore. Can the doctor provide a solution for me and what disease I am suffering from. Thank you

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Hi Fauzan,

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The presence of red spots on the tongue can be a normal condition or it can also be a sign of certain medical conditions. Spots on the tongue, especially the edges or edges and back of the tongue, is a normal condition. These spots are papillae which anatomically function as taste buds and that sense the condition of food entering the first digestive organ, namely the oral cavity. However, if the spots that you feel are bleeding and causing pain then it is necessary to think about the existence of certain underlying medical conditions. The following briefly can cause these conditions are as follows:

The presence of scarlet fever. This condition can cause redness of the tongue Lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. Need to think about the deficiency of vitamin B12, vitamin C and folic acid The presence of autoimmune disease conditions. This is a condition in which the body's immune system attacks the body itself. The presence of a dry mucous membrane or mucous membrane in the oral cavity Fever Lack of hydration of the body. Dehydration conditions can also trigger dryness of the tongue and mucosa around the oral cavity and can cause redness. The presence of a nervous disorder that causes the inability to taste or taste salty and sweet tastes. Presence of other medical conditions. If this condition has been going on for a long time or has come and gone or if your condition has interfered with your activities, it is advisable to consult and check directly with a doctor. It is necessary to assess the physical condition of the tongue directly and the overall physical condition to determine certain underlying medical conditions. In this way, treatment can be carried out according to your condition.

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That's all I can say, hopefully useful.

Regards, dr. Tiwi

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