Reddish Acne Scars?

Illustration of Reddish Acne Scars?
Illustration: Reddish Acne Scars?

I have pimples then I use benzolac ointment which is 2.5 percent for a week and then the pimples disappear, but the redness has not disappeared, can benzolac eliminate the redness? Then I got the ointment from the doctor when I searched when using benzolac, I had to use sunblock, but the doctor didn’t say to use sunblock, is that okay?

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Hello Azka,

Thank you for asking

The cream you mentioned has an active ingredient of benzoyl peroxide. This content can help close the enlarged skin pores, minimize inflammation in the skin, as well as eradicate the bacteria that often infects the skin. By the way this works, benzoyl peroxide can indeed help overcome acne while also disguising its reddish scars.

Nowadays, many circulating products with benzoyl peroxide are sold freely in pairs. But indeed, not everyone is suitable to use this cream. Its use in people who are sensitive, may actually aggravate acne or cause skin irritation making acne scars more difficult to disappear.

In general, if the reddish acne scars that you are experiencing have started to faint (though not completely gone) and are also not accompanied by signs of inflammation (such as pain, swelling, pain, itching), often this condition is harmless and will improve slowly in 1 to 4 weeks post acne healed. You can still use the cream while balancing it with the following steps:

Do not hold facial skin with dirty hands and nails
Wash your face 2 times a day using a mild cleansing soap that contains a special formula of anti-acne and anti-acne scars
Dry your face carefully, do not rub excessive skin
Use cosmetics naturally, don't overdo them
Before your activity, first use sunscreen and moisturizer --- sunscreen is important to use to protect your skin from exposure to UV rays from the sun which can cause skin to become inflamed, reddened, even blackish spots appear
Protect the skin from being exposed to excessive pollution and dirt
Before going to bed, first clean your cosmetics properly
Drink plenty of water
Avoid sleeping too late at night
Reduce eating foods that are oily, high in cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat
Expand to eat vegetables and fruit
Stay away from excessive stress

If with the above efforts your complaint still does not improve in a long time, do not hesitate to go directly to a doctor or dermatologist to be given the best solution, ok?

I hope this helps.

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