Reddish Skin Rash Accompanied By Swelling And Skin Peeling Accompanied By Itching?

Illustration of Reddish Skin Rash Accompanied By Swelling And Skin Peeling Accompanied By Itching?
Illustration: Reddish Skin Rash Accompanied By Swelling And Skin Peeling Accompanied By Itching?

I am 13 years old. My face has recently experienced a reddish swelling, a bit swollen, and the skin is slightly peeling, and there is an itch … doctor’s opinions …

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Reddish skin rashes, accompanied by swelling, peeling, and itching can also indicate an allergic reaction. If this complaint appears limited to the face area, the possibility of allergies is caused by direct contact between the skin with allergen substances, or in the medical realm also called allergic contact dermatitis. The substance of this allergen can vary greatly between individuals, for example the ingredients in cosmetics, soap, ointments, creams, or other skin care products. In more severe cases, the skin may become bruntusan, blister, and festering when experiencing a secondary infection.

In addition, complaints on your face may also be caused by other factors, such as irritant contact dermatitis, skin infections (for example cutaneous candidiasis, miliaria, impetigo), seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, xerosis, drug eruptions, and so on.

In extremely annoying complaints, you should not remain silent. Go and check your complaint directly to your skin to a doctor or dermatologist so that the best treatment is given. Depending on the cause, later your complaint can be dealt with by giving special creams or ointments, oral medication, or perhaps other therapeutic modalities, such as peeling, dermabrasion, laser, and so on.

We do not recommend that you give any treatment without a doctor's advice for your complaints at home. It is feared that improper handling can actually make your complaints worse and harder to cure. Safer, you first do the following tips:

Bathe diligently, clean your face using mild soap and balanced pH
Dry your skin well after bathing, do not rub or excessive scratching
Use a moisturizer and sunblock before activating
Protect skin from direct exposure with sunlight and other pollutants
Don't overuse cosmetics on facial skin
Not also carelessly using skin care products without consulting first to the doctor
Do not exfoliate forcefully exfoliate facial skin
Compress swollen facial skin with cold water
Drink more
Avoid direct contact between skin and substances that are prone to trigger allergies or irritations

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