Reddish Spots Appear On The Legs Of The Baby After DPT Immunization?

Illustration of Reddish Spots Appear On The Legs Of The Baby After DPT Immunization?
Illustration: Reddish Spots Appear On The Legs Of The Baby After DPT Immunization?

my baby is 2 months old after the DPT immunization has a fever and there is a reddish spot under his knee, is that dangerous? What actions should I take? thank you

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Hello Siska

To be able to determine an illness / health problem, the doctor needs to collect information on the patient's condition both from the symptoms and the medical history that the patient is experiencing, as well as with a series of health checks. The presence of fever and reddish spots on the knee have not specifically led to a disease condition, so that is the need to explore additional information from a medical examination.

A history of DPT immunization and the onset of fever (post immunization) generally will not cause red spots on the skin, on the other hand some things that can be considered for these symptoms are

Measles, a symptom of this disease itself is a fever that is accompanied by a red rash on the surface of the skin.

Dengue fever, similar to measles, emergence of dengue fever is also accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the surface of the skin
Allergic reactions, which result from consuming a certain food / drink or as a result of coming into contact with a certain substance / object will trigger an allergic reaction in the form of the appearance of reddish spots.

Irritation, in addition to allergic reactions in contact with hard chemical can make the surface of the skin inflamed so that it becomes reddish and swollen. The irritation reaction generally disappears slowly as the exposure to the irritant triggers

Singapore flu, a disease caused by this virus has symptoms such as fever and the appearance of watery nodules on the hands, feet and mouth that can develop into wounds

Because it is not yet known exactly what conditions are actually experienced by Ms. Siska's child, then Ms. Siska should bring her child to the pediatrician so that further examination can be done, because some conditions such as dengue fever can be dangerous if they do not get proper treatment. The steps Siska can take when trying to keep a child's fever low, are to monitor temperature regularly using a thermometer, immediately compress the child with warm water on his forehead if the temperature is more than 38 degrees, but if the temperature is above 39 degrees it should be taken immediately to the nearest health facility to get further treatment. Because after all a high fever in children can be at risk of developing a condition of febrile seizures.

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