Reddish Spots That Become Hollow. Red And Hot Around The Face?

Illustration of Reddish Spots That Become Hollow. Red And Hot Around The Face?
Illustration: Reddish Spots That Become Hollow. Red And Hot Around The Face?


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There are many factors that can cause facial injury. To find out the cause of the wound on the face, some other information is needed. For example, did the wound arise from an injury when scratching with your nails so that the skin became irritated, did the wound arise from contact with certain substances, did the wound appear after you took certain drugs.

Here are some diseases that can cause or leave scars on the face:

Herpes zoster: Shingles is an infection of the skin and nerves caused by the varicella zoster virus, or commonly known as chicken pox. When infected with this infection, it usually causes vague symptoms in the early stages such as pain or itching or a tingling sensation in the affected area. Then a few days later, (mostly 2 days) there will be redness of the affected skin, accompanied by, swollen, water-filled bumps with redness around it. Or it can develop into a deeper wound such as a scab, often accompanied by a yellowish or brownish discharge with pus when infected with bacteria. Generally these complaints can last 10-15 days and in some people will feel heavy pain in the form of a burning sensation. In general, these lesions appear only on one side of the body, for example the right or left side according to the course of the nerve. Erysipelas: is an infection of the top of the skin caused by bacteria and often involves the lymph tissue around the foreskin. Symptoms usually include swelling with clear borders with redness on the infected area. It will appear that the infected skin is higher and may be accompanied by blisters. Erysipelas can be a symptom that arises from other disease problems, such as insect bites, mite infections, surgical scars that are infected by bacteria causing erysipelas. Contact Dermatitis: is an inflammation that occurs in the skin after the skin is exposed to certain irritants, or is an allergic reaction. Usually, symptoms will appear such as a red, painful or itchy rash, dry skin such as scaly, then the skin can peel off and can be infected by bacterial germs into a wet wound filled with fluid and pus, but the disease progression to a wound is usually quite a long time. Some of these diseases are diseases that often cause facial sores, with symptoms such as itching, pain such as stinging, and burning sensation. To find out the cause of the wound on your skin, you should consult a dermatologist, or if access to a skin specialist is difficult. You can go to the clinic attached. To find out the cause of your skin problem, the doctor will need to ask you some information, such as a history of allergies, and other symptoms.

Treatment or therapy for your skin problem will differ depending on the cause. If the cause is Herpes zoster caused by a virus, the doctor will provide treatment such as antiviral creams, as well as drugs to take to help reduce the passage of the virus. Bebrbeda if the cause is bacteria, the therapy given is antibiotics. Likewise with terpai dermatitis, it can be in the form of anti-histamine, and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

In the meantime, you can do several things at home:

To overcome pain, you can take pain medications such as paracetamol, ibuprofen. Cover the wound to keep it clean and dry. Avoid using plaster or other adhesives to reduce infection. If the wound looks wet, you can compress it using a gauze that has been moistened with clean water, preferably with water. infusion. Avoid scratching the wound, if it feels itchy, you can help with a cold compress using gauze. These are the answers from us, hopefully useful.

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