Reddish Swollen Vagina After Sc?

Illustration of Reddish Swollen Vagina After Sc?
Illustration: Reddish Swollen Vagina After Sc?

Hello Dr. I just born at the end of January as a SC. Today I just checked when I washed deeper and felt a little swollen. After I check my pussy like swollen. Why is that, Dr.?

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Swollen vagina can occur due to inflammation. This inflammation itself can arise due to several possible causes, including:

 Infection in the vagina, such as bacterial vaginosis (bacteria), candidiasis (fungus), genital herpes (virus) Irritation, can be caused by cleaning products that are not suitable. direct physical examination by a doctor and important additional examinations such as blood, urine, and so on. So that the exact cause can be known and the treatment will be directed, for example because of a bacterial infection of course the doctor will give antibiotics, if the fungal infection is given antifungal, and if irritation can be given anti-inflammatory and antihistamine if accompanied by itching.

However, due to the spread of the Corona virus that is spreading, it is better for you to postpone consulting with your obstetrician or consulting by telephone. But that does not mean if an emergency occurs (such as abnormal vaginal bleeding or persistent pain) you delay seeing your doctor. Immediately see a doctor if an emergency complaint occurs.

For now, all you can do is:

 Remain silent at home and avoid traveling outside if it is not important and urgent Keep a healthy lifestyle Take care of cleanliness in your intimate area and carefully choose your vital organ cleaning products (flush vagina from front to back) Avoid triggers Use comfortable underwear and not too tight. That's all, hopefully useful. Stay healthy.

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