Reddish Yellow Spots On The Sclera?

Illustration of Reddish Yellow Spots On The Sclera?
Illustration: Reddish Yellow Spots On The Sclera? Bing

at night dr. I want to ask Dr. in my right eye area, the white part looks like a yellow spot and then the color is red like irritation from dr. what is this symptom? and what is the medicine, dr? what do I have to do ? because it’s been days and dr.

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Before explaining the possible abnormalities you are complaining about, you need to know about the structure of the eyeball, namely:

1. Sclera, the white outer part of the eye.

2. Cornea, the outermost part of the eye in front, clear, translucent.

3. Conjunctiva, the clear mucous membrane that covers the sclera and the front of the cornea. There are blood vessels in this part of the conjunctiva.

4. The choroid is a membrane of blood vessels and pigment on the inside of the sclera.

5. Iris, the iris of the eye, gives color to the eye, is the continuation of the choroid to the front of the eye. The iris can enlarge and shrink according to the brightness of the incoming light.

6. The eye lens, the structure in the eyeball in the form of a tube / cylinder, its function is to focus images on the retina.

7. Retina, which is the nerve membrane of the eye that functions to capture light and then pass it on to the brain.

Based on your story, there are several possible underlying abnormalities, namely:

1. Accumulation of hemosiderin / iron pigment in the conjunctiva. It usually begins with bleeding between the conjunctiva and the sclera. Bleeding can be caused by trauma (rubbing the eyes too hard, history of colliding), history of hypertension / uncontrolled high blood pressure, sneezing or coughing too hard, straining too hard, history of taking blood thinning drugs, or vomiting violently. As a result, the conjunctival blood vessels burst, blood accumulates between the conjunctiva and the sclera, then slowly the blood will be absorbed by the body leaving a yellow iron pigment. This will get better on its own in about 2 weeks.

2. Pinguecula, which is a process of degradation / changes in the conjunctiva so that yellow lumps form. One of the risk factors is frequent exposure to the sun. The way to cure pinguecula is surgery. Surgery is recommended if there are visual disturbances or if the eye feels blocked.

3. Pterygium, which is excessive benign growth of conjunctival tissue. Risk factors for pterygium are frequent eye irritation, for example, frequent exposure to strong winds, dust, frequent exposure to sunlight, and frequent swimming without swimming goggles. Pterygium is the same as pinguecula, cured by surgery if there are visual disturbances or the eye feels blocked.

You do not need to worry because the three possibilities that have been described can be treated. Here are things you can do at home, among others:

1. Apply over-the-counter eye drops for minor eye irritation.

2. Dropping over-the-counter artificial tears if the eye feels blocked.

3. Cold compress.

4. Wear protective eyewear when traveling on a motorcycle, or swimming.

5. Protect your eyes from sun exposure, can be by wearing a hat, umbrella, or dark glasses.

If the complaints do not improve, or even get worse, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

The following articles on eye bleeding , pterygium, and pinguecula may help you.

That's our explanation, hope it helps you, thank you.

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