Redness Of The Skin Of The Penis, No Pain Or Itching?

Illustration of Redness Of The Skin Of The Penis, No Pain Or Itching?
Illustration: Redness Of The Skin Of The Penis, No Pain Or Itching?

there is a red area on my foreskin. no pain or itching. There is also no pain when urinating. been there for 2 weeks. i haven’t had sex before so maybe not STD. I tried to wash it with warm water but it didn’t go away

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I understand you may be worried that something might happen to your sensitive area. Foreskin or prepuce is the part of the skin that covers the penis on the penis that is not circumcised or circumcised. Redness of the foreskin can occur due to inflammation at the tip of the head of the penis or what is commonly known as balanitis. Balanitis causes redness that can be accompanied by pain, itching, swelling, or abnormal discharge from the penis. If not treated properly, balanitis can cause problems when urinating or having sex. Apart from sexually transmitted disease (STD), balanitis often occurs due to fungal infections, bacterial infections, and irritation of the skin.

An uncircumcised penis requires special care compared to a circumcised penis. Urine that is released during urination or semen that is released during ejaculation can collect on the inside of the foreskin. In addition, the remaining dead skin cells and oil can also collect in this area. If not cleaned properly regularly, fungal and bacterial infections can occur. Cleaning the penis using warm water is not enough once an infection has started. You need to see a general practitioner or specialist in skin and genitalia for further examination and treatment. After the examination, the doctor will usually give antibiotics, antifungals, or steroid creams, depending on the estimated cause of the balanitis. Balanitis that is already severe usually requires circumcision in its treatment.

Things that need to be done to care for the uncircumcised penis include cleaning the penis area under the foreskin using warm water and moisturizing soap. Avoid using antiseptic soaps that dry out the skin. After cleaning, make sure the penis and foreskin are completely dry. Do this every day, doing it twice a day will be better. If balanitis has occurred, treat the balanitis first. Do not use soap to clean a penis that is experiencing balanitis. Routine care after balanitis is treated can prevent balanitis from recurring.

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